What we do

crafting lasting impact

We craft purposeful and mission-critical experiences that leave a lasting impact on your brands, products, services, and concepts. With decades of experience collaborating with national and international organisations like Walt Disney, senz umbrellas, and T-Mobile, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table.

In 2018, Telesto Group was founded by Vincent Barnhard and Serhat Delice. We merged our offices, combining over 30 years of knowledge and networks. Since then, Telesto has grown from an agency into a project-oriented group of internal and external specialists. With enthusiasm and dedication, we develop and achieve valuable and sustainable collaborations.

Our main goal is to ensure the success of brands and deliver tangible value to organizations and society as a whole. Our primary objective is to provide and implement the strategic vision that enhances customer experiences.

We stand out by fostering outstanding and enjoyable collaboration with our clients and specialists. This leads to mutual benefits and enables the successful execution of the strategy.

By aligning businesses around user experience and design thinking, we drive meaningful transformations that inspire trust, and joy, and foster unwavering brand loyalty.

We take great pride in our diverse talents and expertise. We understand the importance of a holistic approach, where no single discipline dominates the solution. Our multidisciplinary team ensures that we offer comprehensive and tailored solutions to address your unique challenges.

We are truly passionate about sharing our expertise with you and helping you achieve your vision. By combining our deep understanding of the latest developments in the industry and our pragmatic mindset focused on utility and practicality, we meticulously analyse, specify and execute projects with attention to detail and ensure their practical feasibility.

Operating as a retainer model agency, we form long-term partnerships with exclusive clients, typically spanning 18 months. Through fixed monthly rates, we provide a dedicated focus on specific goals and objectives.


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