Telesto's Diverse Industries

Our Services

ensure the success of brands and deliver tangible value

Telesto utilizes its expertise to oversee the development of projects from inception to completion across diverse industries:

Telesto started as a full-service media and internet development agency, offering a wide range of services. Our team has grown significantly, working on both on- and offline media brands and products.

We provide comprehensive solutions for businesses to establish or improve their online presence and engage their target audience across different media channels. Our extensive network of partners plays a vital role in the success of our projects, providing seamless integrations and valuable support.

Through partnerships, we offer a wide range of retail and exclusive products/services for food, leisure, and more. Our offerings cater to omnichannel retail, developed for online/offline channels.

In addition to branding and marketing services, we’re developing an in-house platform for advanced multi-channel presence and inventory management. It integrates seamlessly, allowing businesses to personalize and elevate operations beyond Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, and other platform limitations.

We provide customized on- and offline solutions for hospitality sectors like hotels and restaurants.

Collaborating with architects, designers, and niche experts, we create comprehensive multi-channel experiences. Our extensive partner network contributes to project success.

Besides hospitality services, we provide customized on- and offline booking solutions for the travel industry.

We collaborate closely with booking experts, omnichannel providers, system integrators, and professionals to create seamless multi-channel experiences. Our extensive partner network contributes to project success.


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